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About Don Hunter

As the Director of Technology and Chief Solutions Architect with TravelBrands Inc (Formerly Thomas Cook North America and My Travel Canada), Don Hunter's razor-sharp technology sensibilities have kept travel moving. Singlehandedly driving the rapid evolution of applications, and founding development principles on future business needs, Don has solidified his reputation as a creative and innovative technical solutions builder.

Outside of his near decade-long engagement with Thomas Cook, Don's creativity has resulted in the development of an entrepreneurial portfolio that would make business moguls salivate. As the founder of VoIP Much Phone Company and e-City Solutions, as well as the past Co-Owner of inCORP Technologies Inc, Follow Me Canada Inc; Follow Me Online Inc, and Altel Canada, Don's rapid development skills are applied to cutting-edge technology and telecommunications businesses.

This track record of entrepreneurial business leadership in the world of travel and telecommunications means one thing: Don knows how to make business and IT work together. Through strategic architecture development and an outside-the-box, robust, yet flexible IT process, he does what it takes to promote best-in-class IT solutions while reining in operating and capital costs through transformative change management.

A natural leader in transformative change management, Don is unafraid to innovate. Whether revolutionizing applications development, infrastructure, telecom and telephony, and multi-tier IT business support, or establishing precedent setting industry standards like the Telecom Order CRTC 94-816 you can trust that his continuous improvements will do two things: Make your business better, and Make your competition sweat.

A Message from Don:

Take your time perusing my personal website, you'll find here examples of my various successes in Travel, Telecom & Internet and Technology. If you're interested in my latest thoughts on these areas, please visit my blog or contact me for a personal interview.