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Telecom and Internet Experience

My passion for telecommunications and communications started in the early 1990's when, as the founder and co-owner of Altel I was a key contributor to building a company on the bleeding edge of the field. As I've progressed in other fields, my passion for the world of telecommunications was never far from my mind, and I have continued to establish companies and services that respond to the needs of an evolving world. My successes as the visionary behind firms like Altel Canada, Follow Me Online, FollowMe Canada and VoIP Much Phone Company (www.voipmuch.com) are summarized below.

2012-Present PRESIDENT / CEO (Founder)
VoIP Much Phone Company Inc, Toronto ON
  • Introduced a new, and competitive home and business phone company, leveraging a strong understanding of CRTC regulations and telecommunications needs blended with a technological gift for programming. In the span on one year, led the development of a profitable business concept to connect home and business phone customers with vast local calling areas, reaching 70% break even rates in the first year.

1996-2000 PRESIDENT / CEO (Founder)
FollowMe Canada Inc / Follow Me Online Inc, Toronto ON
  • Sourced an opportunity to break into commercial internet and non-text based browsers, establishing and maintaining this fast growing internet services operations. Created a product portfolio to include all aspects of Internet services from dial-up to CO-location and web site design to web site hosting, and oversaw network administration as the technology Subject Matter Expert.

1990-1996 PRESIDENT / CEO (Founder)
Altel Canada Inc / D/A International, Toronto ON
  • Created this competitive phone company from the ground up, leading coding and programming for phone switches and established 9 switching centres across the greater Toronto Area, masterminding the landmark "double hopping" strategy to curtail toll charges. Introduced highly competitive local telephone services and flat rate long distance, established from personally installed, configured and supported software. Applauded as a revolutionary for arguments and filings to the CRTC in 1993, which resulted in the CRTC order (Telecom Order CRTC 94-816) and the approval of "double hopping".