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Some may call me a prolific entrepreneur. As the founder of various technology organizations, I make it my business to spot problems and pose elegant technological solutions.

e-City Solutions

An IT and Internet Technology provider with services and solutions spanning web & email hosting, application development, technology and business consulting services, content targeting, store locator services, postal code lookup, zip code lookup, form verification, and geo data services.

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A fully cloud based web service which provides Geographical IP detection service which draws on information from over 240 countries and over 4 billion IP addresses.

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Store Locator Service

A cloud based business which offers businesses with multiple locations the ability to offer online customers the nearest, most relevant location through automatic or manual location detection.

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A postal and zip code lookup services, which provides clients with the Country Name, ISO Country Code, State Name, ISO Province/State Code, City Name, Latitude, Longitude, and Area Codes.

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A US Zip and/or Canadian Postal Code Lookup Service which identifies the country, state/province, city, latitude and longitude for United States Zip and Canadian Postal Codes.

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Fraud Cloud

A Fraud detection service focused on reducing the potential for online credit card fraud with services spanning credit card fraud detection, streamlined fraud prevention, reduced fraud losses, empowered business decisions, reports & statistics, unique scoring system, and cloud based technology as well as Full XML Webservices.

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Web Page Alerts

A webpage content monitoring service that alerts businesses and individuals to content changes.

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Turbo Brochures

A platform to allow simple and easy to use Dynamic Online Flip Brochures development, maintenance and analytics for businesses.

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VoIP Much Phone Company

A non-traditional telephone company, providing home and business phone services over broadband internet.

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e-City Solutions is growing their portfolio of services every day, additional service offerings include: